No More Guess Work In Cabinet Door Installations!

Introducing WoodMark™️ - a handy, 35mm concealed hinge-jig that makes door installations faster and easier than ever before!

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WoodMark™️ comes with adjustable dials that measure precise alignment and depth before drilling cup and pivot holes!

Have increased confidence in carpentry with WoodMark™️- your go-to essential for cabinet door installations! 

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No Other Special Tools Needed

WoodMark™️ lets you drill cup holes for concealed hinges withextreme ease. Put the jig at the exact position and offset then drill it using the carbide-tipped bit included in the package. 

You don’t need any other special toolswhen you have this device! Mount cabinet doors that fit great and work properly at all times! 

Adjustable Dials For Consistent Results

WoodMark™️ is your reliable guide when installing door cabinets, with its adjustable dials ensuring accurate measurements before drilling.


With a razor-sharp drill bit, WoodMark™️ can also punch pivot holes for the hinge screws effortlessly for consistent results.

Easy To Operate

Suitable forboth home and professionaluse, WoodMark™️ is extremely easy to use and requires minimal effort.

Whether you’re a beginner DIY enthusiast or a professional carpenter, WoodMark™️ is an essential tool to have in woodworking activities!

Built For Long-Term Use

Made of high-grade engineering plastic and eco-friendly metal,WoodMark™️ has set the bar up high with its durability.

It is tested extensively to endure rigorous use throughout the years, perfect for all your carpentry needs!

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