Full Body Workouts At Home

Maintaining a fit and active lifestyle at all times is challenging, especially if you don't have the time to always visit the gym.

There is a lot of home gym equipment online, but you will experience why TugTrainer™ is the one to rule them all!

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Introducing TugTrainer™️, a resistance rope equipment perfect for exercising effectively at home without buying expensive and bulky machines. Compact and portable, you can achieve your fitness goals wherever you are!

With its 3 resistance gears and strong suction cups, you can install TugTrainer™️ anywhere easily- an excellent partner for both beginners and professionals!

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Why Is TugTrainer™️ An Amazing Workout Partner Anytime & Anywhere?


The resistance band has three gears that you can adjust to meet all your training needs. Choose between 2.5KG, 5KG, and 7.5KG for a more personal exercise.


Using its rope pulling mechanism, this trainer is perfect for toning different muscles in your body. Achieve your fitness goals in no time!


It has a 360degree rotation capability to accommodate all kinds of workout. With its small size and lightweight build, you won’t occupy a large space in your area!

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It is very easy to install, just pick a place and attach the trainer using the suction cups without any complications! It has a strong adhesive, ensuring your safety while you workout!

TugTrainer™️- Best Home Fitness Equipment For All

“I don’t have to stress myself when I can’t go to the gym, as I have TugTrainer™️ at home! Super easy to use plus I many kinds of workouts using only one equipment! Recommended!” -Cameron K. from Queens, New York

Enjoy working out at the comfort of your home with TugTrainer™️- a workout partner that you can use both in indoor & outdoor spaces!

Train hard & be your best self with this handy home fitness equipment!

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