Octopus Scalp Massager

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Are you feeling tense and unable to relax?

Achieve mental calmness and clarity with the Octopus Scalp Massager!

Life has become extremely hectic and we are unable to catch a break to rest and feel calm.

This means that we are allowing our minds and bodies to be overloaded with stress!

One of the biggest concerns that doctors have in the modern world is that the population of the world is under too much stress. This is something that affects their mental and physical health day after day.

With the Octopus Scalp Massager, you can treat your brain to a spa every day!

With Dot Matrix Massage technology and Bluetooth music link, this wireless and weightless device provides deep relief for mental fatigue!



The 360-degree stereoscopic massage technology is ideal for sleep!

Stop twisting and turning in bed and ensure that you can get more hours of sleep each night. All you need to do is turn on the Octopus Scalp Massager and set it to sleep mode. The amount of quality rest that we get while we sleep is critical for our performance levels the next day to be optimal.

You can also set it to 3 other patterns depending on your needs.

Enjoying a moment of relaxation has never been so easy!

This product uses state of the art technology to ensure that the nerves on your scalp are properly stimulated for an outstanding result. You will feel the effects of this soothing and incredibly beneficial device in no time.

This is not just useful for one member of the family as it adjusts perfectly for everyone regardless of their age.

This means that you are getting optimal results from a massage device that is unmatched in quality, convenience, and price!

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This is the perfect time for you to upgrade your life for a more relaxing and comfortable outcome!

This product is the next step in the evolutionary process of the traditional and outdated head massage device we all knew in the past.

About This Item

【Full Coverage】: Scalp Head Massager has 10 frequency vibrating contacts, provides 360 degree massage coverage, enjoy a hands-free massage while reading, working or enjoying coffee, presses the head muscles to help relax and reduce stress and tension

【Four Massage Modes】: long press the button to turn on the head massager, switch between four modes (sleep/leisure/entertainment/sports), providing different massage techniques to relieve stress and tension to meet your specific massage needs during the day and night .

【Auto-off Safety Feature】: Auto-off after 15 minutes of continuous use, press and hold the power button again to restart another 15-minute massage, trade no more than 30 minutes for one use

【GREAT GIFT GIFT】: Use at home or take it with you when you travel, easy to live a healthy and relaxing life, the soothing massager helps her/him relax after a stressful work day, a great gift option for friends and family.


Package List

1*Type-C Charging Cable
1*User Manual

4 modes Bluetooth connection deep relaxation



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This massager usually costs $188.88, but you can get it for only $99 for a limited time!

The benefits of a relaxing a massage go beyond the release of stress and also help you stay focused, feel more energized, and avoid many potential ailments caused by tension and stress.

Buy yours today and give your min and body the tension release you need and deserve!



Free choice of 4 modes Have a personal brain masseuse

It comes with a variety of options to meet your different needs Fully decompress the header

Sleep pattern / leisure time pattern /
entertainment pattern / motion pattern


Multiple head massage instruments It's out of date


From inside to outside Every part is designed

Dot matrix massage has strong conduction function, which can transmit various modes to each massage head

Massage point / Bluetooth / Four modes
Dot array / Smart chip / Fits the head


Free your hands Put the pressure behind you

You can enjoy the timely spa anytime and anywhere without manual operation



360° stereoscopic massage technology Enjoy a moment of relaxation

Independent buttons on the top of the head can adjust the massage intensity at will

Can connect to mobile phone Bluetooth Play your favorite music

Soothing music helps sleep


Top massage Bring acid and refreshing

There are many massage points on the top to massage the head in all directions And with independent Bluetooth music playback function, a new experience


I don't admire it. It's not heavy to wear it for a long time

It's as easy as nothing to wear on the head and no burden to massage

Easy no load


Overhead switch button Free control of massage

The overhead massage contact can be controlled independently




Product parameters

Name : Head Massager
Model : BX-810
Net weight : 240g
Battery capacity : 500mAH
Battery type : Polymer battery
Charging interface : Tуpe-c

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