Multifunctional Training Rod for Smart Fitness


Packing list: 1* fitness vibrator

Product Description

‍♂️[More effective exercise method] Exercise more than 99% of the muscle fiber, so that the muscle vibrates 300 times per minute.
[High-quality material] Non-slip handle, environmental protection, safety, non-slip handle is made of high-quality rubber, comfortable to grip, non-scratch, non-sticky, not easy to break, small size, heavy objects at both ends, rubber material, when exercising The balance effect is better.
[Effective exercise method] Vibrating muscles to stimulate vitality, this is an effective exercise method that can drive muscles to vibrate and exercise the body's fibers. During the exercise, the abdomen and buttocks will tighten. Muscles and triceps will be effectively exercised
‍♂️[Almost impossible to last 30 seconds] Because our degreasing rod vibrates very fast. If you want to keep up with its frequency, you must use the entire body's muscles to vibrate together. Therefore, when using it, please pay attention to control the intensity of shaking, protect yourself and exercise moderately! ‍♂️[Applicable crowd] Suitable for fitness enthusiasts of all ages, gymnasiums, family sports, and can be used as gifts for family and friends. It is recommended that children and women use non-removable sticks, while men are recommended to use detachable sticks. The total length of the rod is 160 cm.
A must-have for fitness, you will love it!

Customer questions & answers:

(1)How to use fitness elastic bar?

------This is a detachable, easy-to-carry fitness bar. If you want to exercise, you will have a better body shape. More importantly, whether the person will stick to the fitness bar to master the coordination required to make it work properly. It is not difficult to master. As with all other activities, this is a matter of practice. It is the deformed people who are willing to put it into practice. Out of shape is not a problem. The problem arises when the person does not put in the necessary practice time and then blames it on the deformation. If you use it, you will master it; if you don't use it, you won't master it. This is the difficulty of using a fitness bar.


(2)How do you start the elastic bar?

------First install the product. When you first use it, hold the middle rubber with both hands and shake it slowly. After mastering its usage, you can adjust the speed of its shaking according to your own situation. Use it in a wide area, so as not to hurt people or other objects.


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