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Flying Magic Poker Card
The Flying Magic Poker Card Doesn't Just Float-It Flies!

Want something that will wow people at parties? Introducing the flying magic poker card set! A card that doesn’t just float but flies! Amaze your friends and family with one simple card! Start wowing people with the flying magic poker card! Start being the life of the party!


🃏- Easy to learn! The flying magic poker card is idiot-proof, with a full manual you will start wowing people instantly!

🃏- Not available in shops! You can’t get something this magical in regular stores! Only here :)

Do I need anything other than the Flying Magic Card Set?
Nope! The beauty of the Flying Magic Poker Card is you only need the flying magic poker set! Once you have that, you can do it any time, whenever you want where you want! Even in the woods if you feel like it!
Why do you need the flying magic card?
Imagine you are at a party or a family gathering and everyone is showing their cool party tricks from being able to put their whole fist in your mouth to downing some beer in 7.2 seconds. Normally you wouldn’t know what to do? Normally you would just be watching. However, now everything has changed!
Now you have the flying magic poker card you have your trick. Imagine everyone is looking at you wondering what skill you have. Then all of a sudden you start flying around a poker card. Do you think they won’t care? Of Course, they will! Their minds would be blown! Imagine seeing their reactions! The gasps on their face!
Get this reaction easily with the flying magic poker card!
What is included in the Flying Magic Poker Card Set!
In the Flying Magic Poker Set there is:
  • 2 Flying Magic Poker Cards
  • One Magic Line   
  • One Magic Wax    

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