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No More Complicated & Expensive Security Systems

Home security is essential that usually intimidates people because of one thing- it's super expensive.

Aside from buying the equipment, a visit from professionals also needed for a seamless installation.

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End this misconception with IntelliLock™️, an innovative and stylish smart security system with wireless technology- making it super easy to install, providing you real-time protection at an affordable price!

With multiple smart ways to lock and unlock your doors, IntelliLock™️ will make your front door invincible from thieves and burglars to prevent break-ins for your peace of mind wherever you are.


Why is IntelliLock™️ The Home Security Improvement Device Of Tomorrow? 

Aside from its accurate fingerprint recognition that can store up to 120 unique fingerprints, it also offers other ways to instantly lock/unlock your door. You can use Bluetooth, the included RFID card, or using the passcode on your mobile app remotely- the most secure home security system to date!

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Instead of hiring a professional, you can install this device using a small screwdriver and get it done in under 15 minutes! You can easily change all locks in your home in one day to have next-level home protection without breaking the bank!

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Get it with the WiFi gateway and have full control of your locks wherever you are in the world! You can easily change user access, put passcodes without restrictions, and monitor entry logs at all times. For added protection, you can also change codes temporarily using the app- you don’t have to be in your home to do this!


Its A.I. technology also detects the behavior of its users, adjusting to your needs, to provide an accurate recognition no matter what. It quickly remembers your fingerprint over time and you can even open your door with wet hands! This is advanced feature is perfect for the elderly, children, rare incomplete prints, and many others.


With all its high-technology features, the smart lock does not compromise its design with an elegant black color. It sets itself apart from other locks by not being an eyesore to your interiors, instead, it will provide a luxury feel and aesthetics to your home- combining style and function the right way!


“Bought this for my house last summer and it made me feel safer! Whenever we go out I always check it via the app and during long travels, I change the code from time to time keep my mind at ease. I don’t have to worry anymore, my home is protected now!” - Matt A. from Chicago, Illinois

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