Heated Insoles Foot Warming Pad, Feet Warmer Sock Pad for Winter Outdoor Sports

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Say Bye-Bye To "COLD FEET" & move freely anywhere!

Changes in the weather, as well as health and lifestyle choices, are some of the most common causes of cold feets, especially in winter this problem becomes almost unbearable. ūü•∂ūüėį

However, No more worries about cold feet issue. We have the smart reusable rechargeable Foot¬†Warming Insole Device it will keep your feet warm throughout the seasons.¬†ūüė欆

Whether you want to go for skiing, snowboarding, fishing, traveling or walking, The heated insole not only protects your feet from damage during the cold seasons but also promotes necessary blood circulation to your feet which has great benefits to your body.

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1. Even Heating: The whole foot area is hot, evenly heated, soft and comfortable.

2. Comfortable warmness & Long Service Life: 40-55 degrees temperature heating, however, it is intelligently made that you will feel not too hot in your feet but Comfortable warmness.and has a long service life.


3. Free to Resize:Can be cut according to your demand, suitable for all kinds of shoes, 35 yards -44 yards, foot length 230-275mm, cut according to the number of yards you need according to the dotted line.

4. Completely Waterproof Material: It can be washed directly. The materials we use are waterproof. It can be washed directly without affecting the use effect. It needs to be completely dried and used.

5. Promotes Blood Circulation:

The heated insole not only protects your feet from damage during the cold seasons but also promotes your blood circulation to the feet and has great benefits to your body.

Insole fabric: EVA stretch fiber
Temperature: 40-50 degrees, depending on the environment
Suitable size: 35-39 yards: 230mm-250mm; 40-44 yards: 255-275mm (cut out the size you desire)
Voltage: 5V 2A

Two heating methods:
1. Household plug-in power supply heating,
 suitable for indoors activity, (Limited distance moving)
2. Power bank power supply heating
for moving freely outside. Suitable for outdoors. ( Freely go to any distance)


Frequently Asked Question:

1. How long does the insole heat up?

This type of heating insole can not save electricity or heat, the insole is to be energized to heat, should be used with power bank power supply heating for outdoors, make sure that the power bank output is 5V/2A. (This product does  not include power bank)

2. How heavy is the product?

Insole [USB cable]: gross weight about 0.09kg / a pair.

3. Is this product washable?

Yes, this product is 100% washable and frequently reusable. 

4. Is the insole is too hot when fully heated?

No, it is not excessively hot. It has only 40-55 degrees temperature heating, however, it is intelligently made that you will feel not too hot in your feet but Comfortable warmness.

Packing List:
USB charging cable*1
Insole *1 pair


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