January 21, 2020

Another year passes at Lauren B Jewelry with new styles and trends popping up every season! A look back at 2019 shows just how much tastes have changed, as well as designs that maintain consistent popularity. Let’s see what our clients like best and trends of 2020!


5. Diamond Prongs

It’s all in the details: Ring styles like our RS-318 and RS-375 created an explosive demand for rings with diamond prongs! This feature makes a beautiful alternative to a halo or diamond wrap if you’re looking to showcase your diamond collections and minimize metal exposure!


4. Two-tone Rings

As yellow and rose gold have become more popular than ever, our clients love the combination of the soft-colored metal tones on the finger while keeping the prongs totally seamless with the diamond in white gold! You can even take it to the next level with two-tone rose AND yellow rings like our RS-398 model!


3. Solitaires

It doesn’t get more timeless than a solitaire: our clients have requested everything from split band styles to our modern invisible gallery setting customized to have a more minimal look. Check out our full selection of solitaire designs here!

Funny fact: Solitaire is an often misunderstood term; some clients think it references any ring with a main stone or that it is specific to round stones; it actually just means that the setting contains no additional diamonds besides a center attractive stone!


2. Hidden Halo

 the hidden halo! Inspired by clients in search of a style somewhere between our signature diamond wrap and a standard halo, the hidden halo offers the best of both! It is essentially two diamond wraps set to meet at a knife-edge, which offers interesting detail from the side view and a little extra finger coverage from the top view! See our full inventory of hidden halo designs here!


1. Elongated Radiant Cut

Drumroll, please....! Our top engagement ring trend to finish out the decade is the elongated radiant cut! Previously hitting mid-range in popularity last year, this shape has surged to the top of the list for its maximum sparkle and unbeatable finger coverage! Whether you prefer it in a shape-enhancing halo or standing alone, our clients have made it clear that the radiant is here to stay!! For all of our gorgeous radiant cut design ideas and much more

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